setting the global agenda

The Global Diplomatic Forum (GDF), a London-based independent, not-for-profit organization, is fostering sustainable partnerships with diplomatic services, government agencies, politicians, thought leaders, media, IGOs and NGOs, academics and the private sector. We seek to engage all the key voices and major players in international affairs to create together effective solutions to the world's most challenging issues, both current and emerging, such as disruptive technologies. 

Through our international panel of experts, the GDF has the intellectual power, international expertise and experience as well as outreach and networking potential to help its strategy. We have developed innovative approaches to international relations, such as smart diplomacy, which we have embodied in the concept of the forthcoming 2017 London Diplomatic Summit.

The smart diplomacy agenda promotes multi-stakeholder involvement beyond the nation-state; the application of technology in order to tap the potential of the digital age; and a bigger role of women in tackling global risks. We use “the smart diplomacy index” to rate the international players and establish working relationships

In the heart of GDF’s methodology is a proposition to shift the focus of transformative diplomacy to the regional context. 


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