The Good Country: a country defined not by borders, but by values. A country capable of building a better world.

Would you join a nation without a territory, government, or politics? Meet The Good Country, a virtual nation that wants a better future for everyone.


A New Nation Is Born


Now, it has citizens from over 60 countries. Being a citizen of the Good Country brings three main advantages: 
1. Membership of the Good Country is directly empowering, enabling citizens to 'be the change they want to see.'

2. It is a unique opportunity for citizens to connect with the global community they most value. 

3.  It is designed as a continuous educational and self-improvement experience. Our citizens will be uniquely well informed about global affairs, and will find pleasure and purpose in passing on their knowledge.

More Information

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A New Nation Was Born With Citizens From All Around the World  

The 17th of September, a new country began accepting applications for citizenship. The Good Country is an entirely new kind of digital state with an unprecedented mandate to "make the world work better". The brainchild of British policy advisor, author and researcher, Simon Anholt, and American human rights and development practitioner, Madeline Hung, the Good Country has been created as a vehicle to enable large numbers of like-minded people from around the world to shape and implement policies aimed at fostering enhanced co-operation and collaboration within the international community.

The Good Country has opened citizen enrollment.  Become a citizen at: 


"The Good Country does not exist to complain about the state of the world, nor is it a holding cell for utopian ideals. The Good Country exists to harness the power of a global community of people who want to see the world work differently, and to give them the tools to realize that change," said Madeline Hung, co-founder of the Good Country.

"We are honored by so many people trusting the Good Country to fulfil their hopes for a better world. We are determined to repay that trust," said Simon Anholt, co-founder of the Good Country.

Join like minded people from all around the world and become a citizen of the Good Countryhere