The objectives of our programmes fall into the following categories:

  • Widening engagement in global affair issues
  • Analysing the perspectives and positions of  different actors and stakeholders  vis-à-vis different global issues
  • Encouraging the sharing of research outputs and exchange of insights and analysis on different aspects of global affairs
  • Facilitating high level meeting of experts to debate ideas, exchange knowledge and facilitate high level networking
  • Enhancing an in-depth understanding of the different scenarios of global affair issues

·         Engaging youth in dialogue around key global affair issues


The Global Diplomatic Forum exists to provide a direct channel of interaction amongst diplomatic stakeholders. It aims to present a continuous channel of exchange of ideas and knowledge and to promote building bridges for understanding and cooperation. The Global Diplomatic Forum works towards improving standards of diplomatic work within its environment by conducting research and publishing publications, analysis and reports to different stakeholders.

It provides objective research on foreign policy and diplomacy. Whilst the Global Diplomatic Forum respects different opinions and ideas, it insists on tolerance and will reject any form of discrimination. The Global Diplomatic Forums shall provide an exemplary model for respect of different nationalities, gender, faith and race. Our activities are designed to have impact on:

  • Expanding access to knowledge and expertise in areas related to diplomacy
  • Increasing understanding and appreciation of diplomatic routes in conflict resolution
  • Creating partnership opportunities for stakeholders in different fields : Trade, Culture, Education and Environment
  • Enhancing appreciation of understanding and interaction between societies