Course Outline:

  • Digital Diplomacy definition and the changing practices of how diplomats engage in information management, public diplomacy, strategy planning, international negotiations or even crisis management
  • Digital Diplomacy relationship to traditional forms of diplomacy and its standing in foreign policy 
  • Impact of digital diplomacy - trends and challenges
  • Digital diplomacy assets Indicators to assess the digital diplomacy performance
  • Technical knowledge in developing and executing a comprehensive strategy

Course Outcomes

  •  Understanding the framework of digital diplomacy and digital power
  • Acquiring an In-depth knowledge of relating digital diplomacy to foreign policy objectives
  • Grasping the process of developing and monitoring effective digital  diplomacy strategy
  • Mastering the skills of digital communications in diplomatic context

Delivery Methodology 

  • Presentation and Q&A                      
  • Work Shops                                                  
  • Group Exercises

What  Delegates Receive:

  • Digital Diplomacy Textbook
  • Attendance of an intensive 2 day course
  • Certificate of participation
  • 1 year membership of the Global Diplomatic Forum

Expert Trainers:

Elizabeth Linder:

Founder & CEO of The Conversational Century, a global advisory movement that is shaping the ways in which leaders connect to the people they impact against the backdrop of 21st-century connected technology.  During this Course, Elizabeth will lead a session entitled “The Primary Source Revolution.”  The session will examine the role of direct leader-to-citizen dialogue, best practices for diplomats when using social media as part of their core digital diplomacy strategy, examples of leaders who truly “get” leader-to-people dialogue, and people’s changing expectations of their leaders in today’s ever-turbulent times.  Elizabeth will shatter a number of myths around social media communications in an effort to ensure that participants know what really works – and what doesn’t – in today’s communications environment.  

Elizabeth launched The Conversational Century in the wake of her experiences at some of today’s leading tech-meets-society companies: Google, YouTube, and Facebook.  During her eight years at Facebook, Elizabeth built the Politics & Government division for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region from the ground-up, training the major head-of-state offices in her region alongside hundreds of politicians, diplomats, and civil society leaders.  She has worked across political environments ranging from the conservative to the liberal, the volatile and the stable.  Elizabeth is a regular contributor at Chatham House, Ditchley Park, Wilton Park, the BBC, and Newsweek.  A California native, Elizabeth resides in London.

Dr Corneliu Bjola

He is Associate Professor in Diplomatic Studies at the University of Oxford. He has PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto (2007). He has recently co-edited a volume on “Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice” (with Marcus Holmes, 2015) and one on “Secret Diplomacy: Concepts, Contexts and Cases” (with Stuart Murray, 2016). A more detailed list of my publications can be found here.

His current research focuses on the structural and normative conditions by which digital technologies inform, regulate, and constrain foreign policy.

At Oxford, he has been teaching courses on International Diplomacy, Diplomacy & International Law, Climate Change Diplomacy, and Diplomatic Management of International Crisis. He convenes seminars, lectures and training on digital diplomacy (strategy and impact assessment), international negotiations (theory and practice) and crisis management(simulation exercises).

Changing the landscape of diplomacy 


The Digital Diplomatic Leadership Course on Digital Diplomacy is part of the series of practical courses provided by the Global Diplomatic Forum. The training will engage world leading experts who will share their experience, coupled with an interactive Q&A. The Course will follow latest trends for diplomatic education and aims to train the next generation of diplomatic leaders to succeed in a 21st Century diplomatic environment. 

The Course trains diplomats beyond the use of social media to develop and implement strategies with tangible impact on the delivery of their objectives. 

The Course is delivered exclusively to Ministries, Embassies and International Organisations - with at least 12 delegates.    

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For Ministries, Embassies, International organisations and other institutions interested to book this course, please contact Shy Rabbani at or (44) 208 8533293. 

Please note that due to the demand for this course and the diaries of the trainers, we require 6 months notice for the desired date of the course. 

We require at least 12 delegates for each group


Course Fee

The standard course fee is: £1,295. The course fee for Diplomats from the least developed countries is £777 (40% discount). This course fee are the courses that are carried out in London and includes just the courses's fee. For courses to be carried in your county, different fee will apply. contact us for more information. 


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