Why London is the World's Leading Diplomatic Knowledge Hub


London Is home to 4 of the top 10 Universities in Europe as per the Times World University Ranking and is the number one destination in the world for higher education and training for foreign students.

It is the home to many diplomatic training centres and academies, leading think tanks, global icons in the world 's media and also the retirement city for senior diplomats from across the world. In terms of diplomatic knowledge, London is the leading hub and that's why it is the home of the bi-annual Young Diplomats Forum.

 After 9 editions that took place in Turkey, Mexico, Greece, Croatia, Latvia and the United Kingdom, the Young Diplomats Forum is well established as the world's leading meeting for young diplomats and having the 10th edition hosted in London, the Young Diplomats Forum is set to be yet another unique experience.

The Hub of the World’s Leading Experts: As the most visited city in the world, London is not only a leading hub for tourists, students and business people, London is the leading hub for Diplomats and international relations experts. 

It is the location of the headquarters of the International Maritime Organisation, the world's top media outlets and think tanks. London is the city where the BRICS Acronym was created by Jim O'Neil, the Good Country Index was launched by Simon Anholt and the Soft Power 30 Index was launched.

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The Young Diplomats Forum will engage with this rich range of expertise to create a unique experience for delegates.

The UK was ranked Number One in Soft Power 30 Index: Besides London's unrivalled global outlook, position and connectivity, the UK has strong institutions that have contributed to the UK's Soft power. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Council and BBC World Service are some of the most efficient and engaged organisations in the world. The Young Diplomats Forum is an experience to engage with officials of these institutions regarding their role in establishing the UK's Soft power

Cultural Heritage: The Global Diplomatic Forum was founded and established in Greenwich, an iconic part of London that is rich in its cultural heritage and exemplary model for economic development. Delegates will enjoy both worlds of Greenwich by visiting the restaurants at the O2 Arena and climbing the O2 and taking the Emirates Cable car from the hotel to the Venue. They will also visit the historical part of Greenwich by visiting the stunning Painted Hall, the Cutty Sark, the Maritime Museum, the vintage Greenwich Market and the Royal Observatory.

Networking Platform: The Young Diplomats Forum is a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas and also building relationships with like-minded individuals from across the world. With participants from around 75 countries, and opportunities to meet speakers, leading experts, institutional officials and alumni representing180 countries, the Young Diplomats Forum is an optimal platform to establish relations and extend networks necessary for career development.

Celebrating 10 Editions 

We are delighted to be celebrating 10 editions of the Young Diplomats Forum. From our first event in Turkey, we have grown our global footprint as well as our global community of alumni. We couldn't have done it without our fantastic past delegates who help us continually improve the programme and experience.

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