EU-Africa Relations

Round Table

7 March -2014

London, UK




Synopsis of the Round Table


Africa and Europe are interconnected, bound together by history, culture, geography, and a common future. The potential of Africa-Europe partnerships is extensive given the tremendous opportunities presented from the African continent and the potential of Europe in the transfer of knowledge and expertise to the African continent and supporting the sustainable development within its territory. 

Africa presents a market for expansion for the European Union (EU) economy. The AU has grown recently in ensuring further integration amongst its members, enhancing cooperation in conflict resolution and in dealing with security questions in Africa and becoming a credible interlocutor in the African matters with international actors.

Africa challenges goes beyond development, to cover global issues – armed conflicts peace and security, democratic governance and human rights, migration, energy and climate change. Partnership with the EU can support the African continent to realise its potential and grow into a prosperous stable continent.  

EU – African Relations

  • Will the EU- African relationship moves into enabling a strong and sustainable continent-to-continent partnership, with the AU and the EU at the centre
  • Can both sides have the intention to move beyond a donor/recipient relationship towards long-term cooperation on jointly identified, mutual and complementary interests?
  •  How will EU programmes boast partnership leading  to transfer of technology and knowledge as catalysts for sustainable development?
  • The Progress of Economic Partnership Agreements concerning Africa and the EU
  • Opening up to non-state actors and also recognising the role of civil society and youth programmes


  • Chair: Lanre Akinola, Editor of This is Africa at the Financial Times
  • Nicholas Westcott, Managing Director for Africa, European External Action Service
  • Mr Joerg RANAU, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Germany in London

  • Madeline Courant, Africa,Americas - Global Issues- Policy Developments, French Embassy, London

  • Bongiwel Qwabe, Deputy High Commissioner of South Africa to London

  • H.E Oluwatoyin Kayode Lawal, Deputy High Commissioner of Nigeria to London

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