The European Union (EU) states that policy towards the Balkans focus to secure stable, prosperous and well-functioning democratic societies on a steady path towards EU integration. In the road towards integration, the EU sees the Stabilisation and Association Process, regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations are essential for stability and the region's ongoing reconciliation process. This conference is one day conference looking at the main challenges to stability in the Balkans and challenges to the process of integration of the Balkans to the European Union.

The conference is a  gathering of global stakeholders involved the region to address these issues to have an insight into the various scenarios that transform the trends in the area. Bringing together relevant thought leaders from governments, international organisations, NGOs, media and civil society.

Sessions will explore new and existing trends, challenges and creative solutions to address one the world’s most topical and challenging issues and develop policy recommendations based on multi-stakeholder consultations at a global level


The Conference will cover the following topics:

  • Re-thinking the main security challenges in the Balkan Region and Black sea
  • The rise of far rights in Europe and its impact on social stability and security in Europe
  • The threat of terrorism from ISIS especially the return of European fighters
  • The impact of Ukraine-Russia Conflict on Southern Eastern Europe
  • Energy Security in the Balkans and South Eastern Europe
  • Assessing the prospects for future diversification of supply routes
  • Analysing the impact of major energy projects: South Stream, Nabucco-West, Trans-Anatolian Project (TANAP), Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in the Balkans-politically, economically and strategically
  • Evaluating the influence of Russian energy diplomacy in the Balkan region
  • Discussing the role of Turkey as a key regional player and important energy transit country between Central Asia and Middle East to the EU




EU/Balkans Conference

2nd Annual Conference

11th-12th February 2015

Sofia, Bulgaria




Special Thank You

It is with great sadness that we are saying farewell to our dear friend and colleague Boyko Lazarov, who sadly passed away on the 09th of January 2015. Since January 2012 Boyko had been a Representative of the Global Diplomatic Forum (London, UK) for the Balkan Region and Russia and Member of its Advisory Board. His passion and dedicated hard work for the Global Diplomatic Forum helped us launch and develop our Balkans and Black Sea programme which has grown year on year. His vision for the region and the role the Global Diplomatic Forum played was inspiring.

Farewell colleague, we will miss you very much, but as a dear friend you live further in our hearts as a fountain of friendship